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"In general we are finding our customers are happy with the Midas tread... Mileages vary, we find the PSD is a very successful tread in our market and can achieve up to 90,000 km if treated properly. Bandag have a tread the same and they perform very much the same.The ZL2 and Z-Lug is performing well for us in rough road applications and for some highway trucks. Our roads are very hard on tyres here as we have course chip, lots of winding and hilly roads and a lot of rain. Semilug has become a standard for us on light truck although this is a very cost conscious part of our market due to the cheap Chinese tyres available.."

Tasman Tyre, New Zealand



"Our group owns 150 buses and 67 trucks. We recently switched to Midas Retreads. Now the number of tyres we retread per month is down from 300 to 70 tyres. It is the extra mileage midas gives me that has made this possible. Please keep up your Quality."

Christudas Babu, Vehicle Owner, Chennai



"Ever since I started using your quality of Precured Tread and Cushion Gum, my business has been improved and all my customers are satisfied with the performance - which means more mileage."

Dool Tyre, Mauritius



"I am running my truck from Gandhidam (Gujarat) to Maharashtra. I got 90,000 Km with the new Apollo XT9 tyre. On my first retread of this tyre I got 125,000 Km with Midas Zlug 210."

Mr. Dhanji Bhai, Aadipur, Gandhidam



"Concerning the quality of Midas Treads, we had excellent results on mileage and their designs were very accepted in our markets."

Rolcon S.A., Uruguay



"I own and drive a Mercedes truck from Sharjah, UAE to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We use 12.00R24 tyres. My last 2 Midas retreads got me 189,868km over a period of 20 months. I changed the tyre with 3-4 mm remaining on the tyre. This is using Maximus 230 with 14mm tread depth, which I retreaded at Future Tyre, Sharjah. Thanks for the great performance."

Andrews, UAE.



"On road, Midas tread is very suitable for the summer and winter season, more over our customers get more mileage. Therefore, our customers are very satisfied."

Kwality Tyre, Oman



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Because of the drop in prices of raw materials, especially Natural Rubber and the favourable exchange rate, Midas is happy to announce that prices of most of our products have been reduced. Please contact us at manoj(at)midastreads.com for the latest prices.


BDE design is now available in 230mm width with other dimensions being the same. 

RM30 design is now available in 230mm width.

Midas has partnered with its customer in Norway. All Midas products will be available through GUMMISERVICE PRODUKSJON AS in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In Guatemala, Midas has partnered with...


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